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~Del Paese Luce~
~Del Paese Luce~

~Del Paese Luce~

With a Bistro style flare, our ~Del Paese Luce~ candles
are made with palm wax. 
Palm wax is 100% natural plant wax that is made
from the tropical palm plant.  Palm wax makes
beautiful crystal effects in our candles.  Palm wax
has an excellent, clean burning quality.  The wicks in
our ~Del Paese Luce~ candles are all cotton wicks for
a cleaner burn as well.  The crystal patterns can vary
somewhat with the fragrance of the candle. 

These 5 oz. candles come with flat glass lids and
are wrapped with accenting ribbon.


5 oz. candle will burn fragrantly & cleanly for approx. 
30-35 hours when burned properly.

Wick should be trimmed to 1/8" in these candles.

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5 oz Del Paese Luce Candles



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5 oz Del Paese Luce Candles